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IMPA SAVE – ‘Supply chain leaders drive initiative for the mass reduction of single-use plastic drinking water bottles’ – Official Press Release – 2020

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IMPA SAVE – The Business Case for Reducing or Why You Should Pledge – 2020

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IMPA SAVE – The Full Story of IMPA SAVE – What, Why and How – Article – Marine Trader, Issue 2, 2020

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Q&A – IMPA SAVE Webinar (07 July 2020) – Video

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IMPA SAVE – Why It Costs Money Not to Save The Planet – Advert – 2020

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Oceanic Catering – Plastic Bottles and Impact on Health – Awareness Campaign – Poster


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Oceanic Catering – Working towards eliminating of plastic water to sea – Awareness Campaign – Poster

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Articles, Studies and Reports

World Health Organization, Microplastics in drinking water, 2019

Available here

Fredonia State University of New York, Synthetic Polymer Contamination in Bottled Water – Study 2018

Available here


Peter Gleick, Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water (Island Press 2011)

Podcast Series and Episodes

Plastic Fantastic, May 2018, BBC Radio 4.

A three-episode series discussing humans’ relationship with, over-reliance on and misuse of plastic, as well as possible solutions to the global plastic challenge we are facing.

Available here

Let’s talk microplastics with Jay Sinha, A Sustainable Mind Podcast, available on Spotify

A podcast episode exploring what happens when our bodies are exposed to BPA and other endocrine disruptors in plastics, and what microplastics are and how they get into the environment.


Drowning in Plastic, October 2018, BBC One.

Wildlife biologist works with some of the world’s leading marine biologists and campaigners to discover the real danger of plastic in our oceans and its impact on the future of life on our planet.

Available here

India: Drowning in Plastic, DW Documentary.

An award-winning documentary on India’s issues with plastic waste, exploring challenges and solutions to the pollution crisis.

Available here

A Plastic Ocean, September 2016.

The world’s ocean is brimming with plastic waste; this documentary investigates the impact caused by the world’s plastic crisis.

More Information

Turning Waste into Opportunity - The Plastic Pickers of Haiti, DW Documentary.

Delving into the growing plastic problem in Haiti, this short documentary explores an unusual initiative’s attempt to turn waste into opportunity.

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