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150+ people ran to say YES to sustainability. Did you?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Read, set, go! On 12 October 2020, more than 150 people around the world joined in for one of the biggest Sustainability Runs to date. Running to promote sustainable practice and showing their support for IMPA's newest SAVE initiative, members and supporters in the IMPA family joined in all the way from Lord Howe Island to Hawaii to achieve a global run, covering (almost) all time zones!

IMPA SAVE wants to extend a huge thank you to all our keen runners who gave a voice to sustainability! Our social media has been inundated with selfies, videos and pictures with industry colleagues showing support for a better tomorrow. Your efforts are well recognised, and we cannot wait to share with you the IMPA SAVE Wall of Heroes at our next IMPA London event!

Once again, many thanks for such great participation, and we look forward to seeing you all take part in next year’s run as well!

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