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Thank you for committing to reduce the use of plastic water bottles
onboard vessels by 2025.


Let us know how you have been faring in your reduction journey in the past six months.


Please note this form has both compulsory and optional parts. We encourage you to answer it comprehensively, as this will not only help you tie the IMPA SAVE initiative to your company’s sustainability efforts, but also help us gauge progress among our pledgers’ network.

Contact Details
Company Details
[please only complete this section in case any of these details have changed in the past 6 months]
Progress Assessment
Please upload any documents/information you may have that you are willing to share with the SAVE knowledge network, e.g. educational materials you used for the crew.
Upload File

Not sure how to account for the number of bottles used at the moment? Check out our handy guide.


Please note all progress reports will be anonymised unless requested otherwise and we will not use your details for other purposes than the ones mentioned.

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