Established in June 2020 by a strong group of global ship-owners and maritime suppliers representing companies with a combined fleet of more than one thousand vessels and a massive collective purchasing power, IMPA SAVE is now an initiative in the agenda of close to 15% of the global fleet and tens of global suppliers, all of whom are working towards a greener industry.

By bringing members from the industry together under SAVE, the initiative aims to create opportunities not only to share knowledge on better, more sustainable practices and alternatives,  but also to motivate each other to be better stewards of our oceans through committing and regular impact reporting.

SAVE’s mantra is simple and essential to guarding the people, our planet, profit and our higher purpose: save costs to save the environment.

What we do

The shipping industry's impact on the environment is significant and well documented. As key users of valuable natural resources, supply chain management professionals behind SAVE are aware that companies must minimise their environmental and climate footprint as much as possible. While long-lasting change can and should be actioned by governments and international legislators, companies sharing IMPA SAVE's ethos believe that it is also their responsibility to adopt sustainable policies and implement responsible solutions at organisational level.

Through IMPA SAVE, the Council aims to steadily develop several streams of work areas for shipping companies and maritime suppliers that aim to improve the way things are done and lessen the negative environmental impact in the process. These focus areas are, and will be, always loosely connected to ensuring a healthy and productive ocean by 2030, decarbonising shipping, ensuring fully traceable seafood, and ending waste from entering our oceans.

We share knowledge and sustainable solutions.

From organising regular webinars and in-person events to developing best practice documentation and how-to guides, we consistently try to create awareness about sustainable alternatives. We have also developed an online solutions' directory that brings our community knowledge of green products and services that have been tried, tested and endorsed by industry peers.

We partner and collaborate with others.

We do not hold back and do not want to act alone. We do not want to initiate a project; we want to initiate a movement. We welcome everyone who wants to make the industry better and the environment healthier. It is all hands on deck, and it is why in addition to all companies involved in the initiative as pledgers and members of our task force, we also maintain partnerships with organisations such as the UK Chamber of Shipping, BIMCO, and more. We truly believe that strength is in numbers.

We incentivise others to take action.

We are big on commitments and we do not want to take things lightly. We need to have a clean, healthy and productive ocean in order to benefit from its generosity. We want everyone to commit to one, two, three or more of our suggested goals. Sign one or more of our pledges, make an official commitment, take action, and show the world that where there is corporate strength and ambition to further sustainable development, there is a global impact.

Why we do it

IMPA SAVE's mission is to support the call to action for UN Sustainability Goals and bring knowledge of available sustainable solutions to the marine and offshore industry. Through network leverage and collective action, together we can set goals that we believe can be achieved in the marine industry to support the UN 2030 agenda, primarily concentrating on carbon reduction, environmental protection and preservation and reducing consumption of resources. Our vision is to take action now and continuously facilitate the need for responsible procurement, engaging with companies, organisations and people who can and will support better solutions for life below and above water.

Our Values


Non-partisan sharing of information, data and best practice documentation for the benefit of the industry.


A dedicated commitment to making lasting change in practical and real terms.


An open approach to making anything possible for the good of the industry and the environment.


IMPA SAVE is a movement made of tens of companies that are eager to get involved, have their say and work towards a better tomorrow. At the heart of the initiative, however, is the IMPA SAVE Founding Council, a group of individuals representing global ship owners and maritime suppliers who have created and are managing the strategic journey of IMPA SAVE in response to the United Nations’ universal call for action to promote prosperity while protecting the environment.

Mikael Karlsson

Chair, IMPA SAVE, and Head of Business Development, Northern Marine Group

Dorthe Mejlvang

Head of Provisions, Safety and Consumables, Maersk Procurement

Stephen Alexander

Secretary General and COO, International Marine Purchasing Association

Susan Koefoed

Fleet Director, Weco Shipping, and CEO, International Marine Purchasing Association

John Beck

Vice President Procurement, Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Marinos Kokkinis

Managing Director, OneCare Solutions

Paolo Magonio

Group Procurement Manager, Scorpio Group

Filippa Strynbo

Assistant Manager - ESG & Sustainability, Maersk Procurement

Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen

CEO & Founder, ReFlow