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We are the IMPA SAVE Council for Maritime Supply Chain Sustainability, a group of individuals representing global ship owners and maritime suppliers who are responding to the United Nations’ universal call for action to promote prosperity while protecting the environment. We formed this council in 2020 with the aim of collaborating with industry colleagues towards a more sustainable blue economy and bridging sustainable solutions to our industry.


Mikael Karlsson

Chairman of SAVE and Head of Business Development, Northern Marine Group Limited


Dorthe Mejlvang

Senior Category Manager,
Maersk Procurement


Marinos Kokkinis

Managing Director,
OneCare Solutions


Paolo Magonio

Group Procurement Manager, Scorpio Group


John Beck

Vice President Procurement, Wilhelmsen Ship Management


Susan Koefoed

Purchase Manager,
Weco Shipping & IMPA CEO


Stephen Alexander

& Secretary General


In our supply chain management roles, we have seen first-hand the impact that our industry can have on the environment and notably the health of our oceans. We are key users of this valuable resource and, as a result, we need to minimise our footprint as much as possible, lessen our adverse impacts on it and protect it at all costs. While long-lasting change can and should be actioned by governments and international legislators, we believe that it is also our responsibility to adopt sustainable policies and implement responsible solutions at organisational level. Our focus areas are all connected to ensuring a healthy and productive ocean by 2030, with decarbonising shipping, ensuring fully traceable seafood and ending waste from entering the oceans as our primary objectives. Through IMPA SAVE, we want to:


1) Share knowledge and practical solutions that help us conserve and sustainably use the world’s oceans, seas and marine resources.

We hold monthly webinars on environmental challenges facing the shipping industry and propose solutions from our own and our colleagues’ experiences. We create best practice documentation, reports and data analyses on a variety of practical alternatives and topics of interest that help us steward our oceans and be part of an all-important change. 


2) Partner and collaborate; change the world through responsible business practice.

We do not hold back and do not want to act alone. We do not want to initiative a project; we want to initiate a movement. We welcome all hands who want to make the industry better and the environment healthier on deck! Whether you have got the experience, tested a sustainable solution, or supply a safe alternative, we want you on board. Together, we can take responsibility and make change happen.


3) Incentivise other industry leaders to commit to making lasting change and report on impacts.

We are big on commitments and we do not want to take things lightly. We need to have a clean, healthy and productive ocean in order to benefit from its generosity. We want everyone to commit to one, two, three or more of our suggested goals. Sign one or more of our pledges, make an official commitment, take action, and show the world that where there is corporate strength and ambition to further the sustainable development, there is a global impact.


Our mission is to support the call to action for UN Sustainability Goals and bring knowledge of available sustainable solutions to the marine and offshore industry. Through leverage of our network and collective action, together we will set goals that we believe can be achieved in the marine industry to support the UN 2030 agenda, primarily concentrating on carbon reduction, environmental protection and preservation and reducing consumption of resources.


Our vision is to take action now and continuously facilitate the need for responsible procurement, engaging with companies, organisations and people who can and will support better solutions for life below and above water.


  • Non-partisan sharing of information, data and best practice documentation for the benefit of the industry.

  • A dedicated commitment to making lasting change in practical and real terms.

  • An open approach to making anything possible for the good of the industry and the environment.

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