AQUAREX Compact 100

(AQUAREX International)

Meet your sustainability targets: The AQUAREX concept enables vessel operators and maritime catering companies to supply high-quality crew water onboard - without the use of plastic bottles. Getting rid of the water plastic bottles onboard is a major achievement which also affects the CO savings made within traditional water logistics and plastic waste removal, all-in-all great steps towards meeting your sustainability targets.


Pay as you consume: The AQUAREX solution is a hassle free all-inclusive subscription-based crew water service, with no up-front investment. Against a monthly fee we provide the water purifier and the maintenance kits - all is included. Further, economic savings such as reduced costs of removing plastic waste and reduced logistic costs are other important benefits which makes the AQUAREX solution highly economically feasible. Cost efficient, easy and sustainable!


Boost crew welfare and strengthen the company image: AQUAREX’s pure and remineralised crew water, sustainably provided, is a winning formula onboard and onshore!



Jesper Bak Weller

Phone: +45 303 259 95


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FlowSafe DCD Drinking and Disinfection System

(Flow Water Technologies Ltd.)

Flow Water Technologies Ltd., based in Limassol, is set in the heart of the Cypriot shipping community. The company’s heritage comes from several highly qualified engineers with years of experiences in R&D, electrochlorination, water filtration and innovative treatment methods, coming together to form a company focused on environmental solutions to legislation imposed on the shipping industry related to water.

Flow Water Technologies Ltd., led by its founder Mark Hadfield, have developed the world’s first Offset Carbon Neutral Ballast Water Management System that is in its final stages of IMO and USCG approval. Not just thinking of the Ballast Water Convention, the company had the foresight to consider that Ballast Systems use massive amounts of energy and at a time legislation insisted emissions are reduced. Therefore, designing a system that would meet the Low Sulphur cap and eventually offer a return on the initial capex. Following the theme of environmentally friendly solutions, the company is developing an anti-fouling system to further enhance their work with BWMS. They are also working on the final stages of a product that helps with catalytic fines in fuel and reducing the damage caused. All these products are designed with low cost and ease of operation.

This brings us to the FlowSafe DCD drinking and Disinfection system. With a passion to help reduce plastics going to sea, Flow Water developed a drinking water system that is suited to the marine environment giving the crew healthy, tasty and safe drinking water stopping the need for plastic drinking water bottles. Taking it one stage further, the DCD system also produces a cleaning and disinfection system that provides the vessel with 95% of all its cleaning and disinfection needs. This is a massive contribution to reducing plastics at sea.



Mark Hadfield, CEO

Phone: +357 25 819 446



Hatenboer-Water Freshwater Modules (Hatenboer-Water BV)

Hatenboer-Water has a long history in the field of water. For over one hundred years, the privately owned company is an internationally renowned specialist in the water treatment market. Hatenboer-Water designs, constructs and supplies freshwater modules. 

Scope of supply includes custom-made fresh water systems (reverse osmosis water makers, distribution and treatment modules), disinfection solutions with chlorine, UV, copper/silver ionization, dosing systems (chlorination, pH correction, etc.), water quality services: courses, sampling, audits, water management plans, spares and consumables. Customers’ benefits will include proven heavy-duty designs tailored to your conditions, retrofits and newbuilds, log sheet data support, all disciplines and facilities under one roof and worldwide network of agents.

Manufacturing RO desalination systems from the 1970s, we are proud to have a track record of thousands of maritime water treatment units worldwide. Hatenboer-Water has been certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VCA/SCC. Technologies are fully registered and verified with applicable bodies and regulations like EPA.



Mark Knoester, Sales Manager (Trade)

Phone: +31 (0) 10 409 12 00


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JOWA Safe Water


JOWA has supplied the maritime industry with environmental protection equipment for more than 60 years and has earned a solid reputation. We are specialists in water treatment and protection of the marine environment. Our products are designed to contribute to the global ecology by protecting the marine environment with the latest and best technology. All our products are user friendly systems that are easy to install and operate.

With crews of 15 consuming up to 10,000 1.5-litre plastic bottles per year and bottles being expensive, bulky and a headache to dispose of, JOWA is proud to introduce JOWA Safe Water, a way to simply use the water onboard instead of plastic bottled water. JOWA Safe Water filters the existing water to 100% pure drinking water guaranteed free of viruses and bacteria. Crew and passengers can safely drink the water onboard distributed cold or hot from our water dispensers.



Greg Shannon, Technical Sales Director

Phone: +46 708 795 426



Offshore Water Management


OWM is the global authority in water management and compliance, de-risking your water. Our highly specialist services include consultancy, compliance, products, training, advice and support to the Oil and Gas and Marine sectors.

With over 20 years of global industry experience and uniquely positioned expertise and specialist knowledge in all aspects of water management, OWM are a highly specialist, water management and risk-prevention consultancy.


Drinking water is a valuable resource, which should be readily available at each our customers assets for their employees to enjoy. 

For a variety of reasons, customers can have varied levels of confidence in their asset water supply.

When confidence is not as positive as it could be, in OWM’s experience, we find that customers can introduce bottled water supplies.

In All of these scenarios, OWM can audit the water systems, identify risks / gaps and solutions that can remove the requirement for single use plastic bottles.


Derek Richardson, Global Sales Manager

Phone: 07485 327277


INFINITY Drinking Water Vessel System

(P Ship Systems Ltd)

Following compliances and regulations on drinking water [MARPOL Annex 5 prohibiting discharge of garbage, EU Directive 98/83 EC on drinking water, WHO (World Health Organization), on WHO’s Guide To Ship Sanitation 3rd Edition and on Drinking Water Quality, shipping industry bans (DGS India, Kuwait, etc) MLC2006], many operators are still not sure on how to easily, fast, cost-effectively and by complying with all regulations they can stop using plastic bottled water onboard. Additionally shipping companies must face daily; all plastic bottled water issues (still water’s quality and way produced, quality conditions, how long inside the plastic bottle, if exposed to sun-light), procurement resources, costs on supplying-managing-and-discharging onboard bottled water, at each port, for each vessel, waste management charges paid for plastic bottled water, the various incidents and reports on plastic bottled water, etc. Yet shipping companies’ top priority in keeping crew healthy, complying with all regulations, staying on tight budgets, plus deal effectively and on time with Covid-19 on top now.


P Ship Systems works with commercial shipping fleets (retrofits sailing worldwide and newbuildings). We help vessels to easily, fast, real cost-effectively, by complying with all regulations get rid of plastic bottled water onboard, have a great and always freshly produced drinking-and cooking- water, 24 hours a day (utilizing their existing vessel generated water/infrastructure), stop waste management charges, protect people onboard and the environment, reduce GHGs and save money and resources.


Our system’s field-tested, working on many vessels worldwide on all sorts of types of commercial vessels, with easy installation and true support. It has already been characterised as Best Practise for Drinking Water onboard by a very well-known global Oil Major, during a TMSA office audit in one of our clients’ operating fleet of tanker vessels.


P Ship Systems is the fastest growing company in the maritime industry in the vessel’s drinking water treatment area, preferred by more and more operators with all sorts of ocean-going vessel types, both retrofits and new-builds, with our system characterised as Best Practise for Drinking Water during a TMSA office audit by a very reputable global Oil Major. We help shipping companies to easily, fast, cost-effectively, autonomously, by overexceeding industry regulations, stop using plastic bottled water onboard, to save precious money and resources but above all to protect people onboard, the sea and the environment. By combining vessel’s generated water with our field-tested drinking water vessel multilayer systems. For use in various vessel’ areas. 


Focusing exclusively on solutions for systems dedicated to the shipping industry, with long background in the commercial shipping industry & strong technical expertise, we are Puricom and Kinetico USA’ official partner & global distributor for the Global Shipping Industry; with engineers, chemists, laboratories, test & reliability centres for all systems and parts. In direct and close cooperation with Puricom, we design, develop, distribute, update and fully support branded Drinking Water Vessel Systems, for Retrofits & New Buildings vessels. Our distribution centres are in Rotterdam, Athens, Barcelona, and we’ve recently added Houston, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong as new warehouse locations in order to better and faster support client’s vessels worldwide.



Giorgos Kyriazis, Associate

Phone: +35725254085


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