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Meet your sustainability targets: The AQUAREX concept enables vessel operators and maritime catering companies to supply high-quality crew water onboard - without the use of plastic bottles. Getting rid of the water plastic bottles onboard is a major achievement which also affects the CO savings made within traditional water logistics and plastic waste removal, all-in-all great steps towards meeting your sustainability targets.

Pay as you consume: The AQUAREX solution is a hassle free all-inclusive subscription-based crew water service, with no up-front investment. Against a monthly fee we provide the water purifier and the maintenance kits - all is included. Further, economic savings such as reduced costs of removing plastic waste and reduced logistic costs are other important benefits which makes the AQUAREX solution highly economically feasible. Cost efficient, easy and sustainable!

Boost crew welfare and strengthen the company image: AQUAREX’s pure and remineralised crew water, sustainably provided, is a winning formula onboard and onshore!



Jesper Bak Weller

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