Through IMPA SAVE, we regularly develop several streams of work areas to which shipping companies and maritime suppliers can contribute and commit. These projects and associated campaigns are developed to:

  1. Create awareness of one or more prevalent sustainability issues in the shipping industry;
  2. Research and indentify available, environmentally-sound and often cost-effective solutions and alternatives to the problem, and where applicable, including them in our Solutions' Directory;
  3. Raise awareness within the industry about the importance of adopting one of the available solutions;
  4. Push key actors in the maritime supply chain to change the status quo through official commitment;
  5. Ensure consistent and thorough accountability in order to see progress.

Current Work Areas

Campaign Against Single-Use Plastic Drinking Water Bottles

IMPA SAVE campaigns and offers ROI-friendly solutions for the massive reduction of single-use plastic drinking water bottles onboard the global fleet.

We have the solutions for those who have the initiative. Purchasers and suppliers are invited to commit and pledge.

Research and Campaign around Waste Management

A data-driven, collaborative industry effort to create awareness of waste processing facilities in ports around the world and improve waste handling onboard vessels.

Currently a work in progress that will be officially launched in the next months. Sign up to our newsletters, so you do not miss out.