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OWM is the global authority in water management and compliance, de-risking your water. Our highly specialist services include consultancy, compliance, products, training, advice and support to the Oil and Gas and Marine sectors.

With over 20 years of global industry experience and uniquely positioned expertise and specialist knowledge in all aspects of water management, OWM are a highly specialist, water management and risk-prevention consultancy.

Drinking water is a valuable resource, which should be readily available at each our customers assets for their employees to enjoy.

For a variety of reasons, customers can have varied levels of confidence in their asset water supply.

When confidence is not as positive as it could be, in OWM’s experience, we find that customers can introduce bottled water supplies.

In All of these scenarios, OWM can audit the water systems, identify risks / gaps and solutions that can remove the requirement for single use plastic bottles.



Derek Richardson, Global Sales Manager

Phone: 07485 327277