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URSA AS is a subsidiary of Mouawad Consulting AS, a leading firm in Environmental Engineering specializing in Ballast Water Management onboard ships. Headquartered in Norway, with warehouses globally in many key locations, we are able to provide our services both swiftly and cost effectively.

Having decades of combined hands-on, practical shipping experience, our experts have designed simple-to-use, very low maintenance Drinking Water machines (URSA DW) that replace plastic bottles onboard ensuring that the crew has unlimited crystal clear drinking water which  is filtered and protected by NSF-approved Ultra Filtration.

URSA AS is proud to boast feedback from over 1000 units installed onboard with 100% positive feedback going as far as “better drinking water than bottled water”.

Now more than ever ship owners acknowledge the importance of adopting environmentally responsible products, not merely for cost savings and plastics’ reduction but most importantly for securing the crew’s welfare.

URSA Essential Water Systems is the most sensible choice available.



Jad Mouawad / CEO

Phone: +47 480 50 902