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FitatSea is a leading supplier of fitness equipment, accommodation, galley and leisure products to the Maritime industry. And we are more than that, we can also be:

Your ultimate destination for a complete fresh drinking water solution on board

Our range of products varies across specialisations that ensure the crew stay away from single-use plastic water bottles. Our scope includes industrial freshwater filters, purifiers, water filling stations and finally our BPA free reusable Water Bottles. To ensure prolonged water quality on board, we also provide filter cartridges refill services and water testing kit.
Note: We only supply reusable stainless steel and bio-plastic bottles. We don’t promote reusable plastic bottles.
FitatSea is committed in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals 6,12 and 14. So having Sustainability as our core value, we urge you to join us in the fight against Marine Plastic Pollution.

Get rid of Single-Use Bottles. Choose FitatSea!



Bart Vlasblom, QHSE Manager

Phone: +31 683 222 479