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By understanding the needs, wants, the existing on board technical infrastructure of our shipping clients, P Ship Systems is offering the option for a water as a service with no upfront payment and monthly chargers only for the entire vessel solution, should client need this, for eliminating plastic bottled water and delivering a cleaner and greener water to seafarers and ships.
All bundled up with system’s replacement consumables too, so that vessels are not only enjoying economies of scale but are completely independent too, should they be even in the middle of the ocean and the vessel needs to replace their system’s consumables.

Our system’s are field-tested, working on many vessels worldwide on all types, with easy installation and true support to our shipping clients. P Ship Systems’ systems have already been characterised as Best Practise for Drinking Water on board by two very well-known global oil majors.

Following compliances and regulations on drinking water [MARPOL Annex 5 prohibiting discharge of garbage, EU Directive 98/83 EC on drinking water, WHO (World Health Organization), on WHO’s Guide To Ship Sanitation 3rd Edition and on Drinking Water Quality, shipping industry bans (DGS India, Kuwait, etc) MLC2006], many operators are still not sure on how to easily, fast, cost-effectively and by complying with all regulations they can stop using plastic bottled water onboard. Additionally shipping companies must face daily; all plastic bottled water issues (still water’s quality and way produced, quality conditions, how long inside the plastic bottle, if exposed to sun-light), procurement resources, costs on supplying-managing-and-discharging onboard bottled water, at each port, for each vessel, waste management charges paid for plastic bottled water, the various incidents and reports on plastic bottled water, etc. Yet shipping companies’ top priority in keeping crew healthy, complying with all regulations, staying on tight budgets, plus deal effectively and on time with Covid-19 on top now.

P Ship Systems works with commercial shipping fleets (retrofits sailing worldwide and newbuildings). We help vessels to easily, fast, real cost-effectively, by complying with all regulations get rid of plastic bottled water onboard, have a great and always freshly produced drinking-and cooking- water, 24 hours a day (utilizing their existing vessel generated water/infrastructure), stop waste management charges, protect people onboard and the environment, reduce GHGs and save money and resources.

P Ship Systems is the fastest growing company in the maritime industry in the vessel’s drinking water treatment area, preferred by more and more owners and operators with all sorts of ocean-going vessel types, both retrofits and new-builds. We help shipping companies to easily, fast, cost-effectively, autonomously, by overexceeding industry regulations, stop using plastic bottled water onboard, to save precious money and resources and above all to protect seafarers onboard, the sea and the environment. By combining vessel’s generated water with our field-tested drinking water vessel multilayer systems. For use in various vessel’ areas.

Focusing exclusively on solutions for systems dedicated to the shipping industry, with long background in the commercial shipping industry & strong technical expertise, we are Puricom and Kinetico USA’ official partner & global distributor for the Global Shipping Industry; with engineers, chemists, laboratories, test & reliability centres for all systems and parts. In direct and close cooperation with Puricom, we design, develop, manufacture, distribute, update and fully support branded Drinking Water Vessel Systems, for Retrofits & New Buildings vessels.

Our distribution centres are in Rotterdam, Piraeus, Barcelona, and we’ve recently added Houston, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong as new warehouse locations in order to better and faster support our maritime client’s vessels worldwide.



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Phone: +35725254085