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At P Ship Systems, we are not just a company. And we are not a box mover. We are a team driven by a passion for marine sustainability and crew welfare. Our foundation lies in the ship's water infrastructure, giving us a unique edge in understanding onboard dynamics.

We specialise in designing, developing, producing, quality-control testing and long-term supporting our shipping clients’ fleets with field-tested custom branded drinking water vessel processing systems for ocean-going vessels worldwide. For installation locations like in the Bridge, Mess Rooms, Engine Room and Galley.

Our 3rd Generation water processing systems treat and produce daily onboard constantly fresh safe and excellent drinking and cooking water at different temperatures from 760 Ltrs. up-to 3.000 Ltrs. per system per day.

On low-cost on fast ROI systems deemed as “Best Practice for Drinking Water“ by three reputable Oil Majors, numerous ship owners and managers around the world have realised dramatic benefits from the over 2500 systems already in circulation. Not only do systems support crew welfare, but the reduction of plastic bottle use helps the environment. These two elements provide distinct ESG advantages to shipowners and managers interested in mariner welfare and sustainability.

Being ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, focused on continuous improvement and research methods to develop marine solutions to support crew welfare and to help the environment, P Ship Systems is poised to deliver and support its systems wherever shipping is concentrated.

By directly eliminating plastic waste and all its adverse effects, we deliver truly plug-and-drink systems that use the latest environmental technologies, with very low drain ratios and powerful onboard water processing, with their consumables changing in literally 2 seconds, embedding real-time displays and other key benefits.

Turning ship's evaporated water into a safe constantly fresh and excellent onboard water, our systems are consistent, easy to install by crew, very easy and very fast to maintain, are backed up by full documentation and long-term unique dedicated technical support by trained personnel, over-exceeding industry guidelines and the strictest directive on drinking water.

P Ship Systems basically changes the way seafarers and ships get cleaner and greener water, with different key shipping warehouse locations.



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