On 21st February 2024, members of the IMPA SAVE Council gathered for the initiative’s annual strategic meeting. Hosted at Maersk’s impressive headquarters in Copenhagen, the meeting provided a crucial space to focus and decide on a roadmap for what is, without doubt, IMPA’s most ambitious endeavour to date. Here’s a snapshot of everything that was discussed during a full day packed with discussions and creative ideas.

The fight against single-use plastic water bottles marches on

With now 106 companies committed to kick single-use plastic onboard the global fleet and a significant proportion of the world’s 55000 vessels already engaged, our battle cannot stop. We started with a goal, that of Getting to Zero, and we will continue to work hard to ensure we get there, no matter how long it will take. As we move forward, expect a steady flow of case studies from companies that achieve 100% reduction, rewards for innovation, accountability and success stories, and new ways to be able to integrate your progress and results into your own annual ESG reporting.

Strategic partnerships remain key to success

Along the way, we built many strategic partnerships, including with BIMCO and the UK Chamber of Shipping and, more recently, we have been exploring a closer collaboration with the Sustainable Shipping Initiative. Cooperating with others remains therefore key for us to amplify our voice and get the IMPA SAVE message out there to as many in our industry as possible.

Next on the agenda

While the Getting to Zero campaign will continue bubbling away in the background, we are putting the pedal to the metal and will be moving forward with new projects as well. A new webinar series will come soonest – run by the IMPA SAVE Council alongside industry experts and thought leaders – exploring potential problems and viable sustainable solutions, and we will be looking at you, our readers and supporters, for insights, guidance and, ultimately, the go ahead. Together, we will decide on the best way to move forward and what project seems best to prioritise.

The Purpose of IMPA SAVE

  • Share ideas, concepts, philosophy. Collaborate with us and others, join together and create a dialogue around how to make change for good. Be creative, brainstorm and let idea generation happen!
  • Act! Do not just talk! Take action! IMPA SAVE means doing things. Implement change, move the goal posts continually, and never be satisfied with good enough!
  • Verify and make sure it counts! Always focus on data, examine the real impact of changes to be made, validate ideas with research, avoid greenwashing, look at the life cycle assessment, do your research. Just make sure what you do counts! (Money and/or Environment).
  • Engage and involve others, internal and external! Seek out the truth, find alternatives and bring in experts, thought leaders and innovators. Let us learn together and then make others listen, pledge and support. Bring the party to them!