This November 2023, Mikael Karlsson, Chair and Co-Founder of the IMPA SAVE initiative and IMPA Special Ambassador for Sustainability, lifted the CrewConnect ESG Champion Award in Manila, awarded to the IMPA SAVE initiative in recognition of over three years of continuous efforts towards bringing knowledge of sustainable solutions to the maritime procurement sector.

"Through collective action, the IMPA SAVE initiative works towards carbon reduction, environmental protection and conservation of resources,” Mikael Karlsson, IMPA SAVE Chairman and IMPA Special Ambassador for Sustainability, said in receiving the award. “At now almost 100 companies in the shipping industry engaged in this movement, I am thrilled to see that the work that everyone has so far put into the programme is getting recognition. IMPA SAVE has been championing sustainability and change of status quo since its creation in 2020, and this fantastic accolade only reinforces our ethos. 15% of the global fleet, tens of maritime suppliers, one mission: to move the needle on environmental action."

"I humbly receive this award on behalf of the 100 companies committed to reduce plastic bottles onboard the 10,000+ ships we engage. Our collaboration made this possible. Yes, together WE can. Now 46,000 ships to go."

"I want to thank my board, comprised of Paolo Magonio, Dorthe Mejlvang, John Beck, Susan Wraae Koefoed, Stephen Alexander, Marinos Kokkinis, Filippa Strynbo and Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, as well as the IMPA administration team for their assistance, my employers at Northern Marine Management for supporting me in this important work for a sustainable future, and the Seatrade team for their encouragement."

"Tonight is a testament among peers that we are doing the right thing, moving the needle on environmental action. I am happy to say that the audience today got the message, and more ship-owners and -managers will join IMPA SAVE imminently. It is a no brainer."

"Congratulations to all our IMPA SAVErs."

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