On 12 September 2023, IMPA London held its now landmark procurement conference in the heart of Westminster, this year hosted under the umbrella of IMPA SAVE.

Jasmine Schestak, Head of Sustainability and Programme Management at IMPA, and Paolo Magonio, Group Procurement Manager at Scorpio Group and member of the IMPA SAVE Council, delivered a presentation on the progress achieved to date with the IMPA SAVE initiative, including a call to action for more work needing to be done.

IMPA London - one maritime procurement event to rule them all. The International Marine Purchasing Association's longest running event, now around for more than four decades, brings together key decision makers from some of the largest ship-owners and -operators with maritime suppliers and manufacturers from more than 60 countries. Find out more about the next one: www.impaevents.com/event/london.

IMPA SAVE was founded in 2020 and brings members from the industry together, aiming to create opportunities not only to share knowledge on better, more sustainable practices and alternatives,  but also to motivate each other to be better stewards of our oceans through committing and regular impact reporting. Find out more: www.impasave.org